Korn Ferry Sell + Salesforce

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Fuel your team with KF Sell, AI-powered sales intelligence on the Salesforce AppExchange

A sales process alone isn't enough in today's complex, and rapidly evolving, business environment. You need intelligent insights to help you achieve exceptional and immediate results.

Korn Ferry and Salesforce have come together as strategic partners to help you build high-performing sales leaders who empower their teams to stay ahead of their peers, win more deals and move into the future with confidence.

Korn Ferry Sell, our sales intelligence application powered by our acquisition of Miller Heiman's proven sales methodology, integrates seamlessly within the Salesforce platform. Our partnership provides greater visibility into not only the sales processes, but enables the development of a strategy which educates sales teams about where they should be spending their time. Our solution identifies the best actions needed to accelerate and close deals faster.

Derive impact from insight

Bring together sales technology, data and insights through sales effectiveness solutions powered by Korn Ferry Intelligence Cloud.

Korn Ferry Sell enables you to consistently replicate successful wins throughout your organization. With the proven first-in-class Miller Heiman method, AI-powered technology, and seamless integration with Salesforce, we can help you generate powerful, actionable insights so that your sellers are set up for success right from the get-go.

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