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In today’s disruptive environment, managing your organization’s message, driving strategy alignment, and protecting and advancing reputation across all stakeholders has never been more important. Success depends upon having a diverse, high performing, and well-connected team with the right relationships in the right places and a clear and compelling narrative, as well as a proactive and integrated campaign to maximize your communications, government relations, public affairs and investor relations efforts.

Areas we serve

Korn Ferry’s Corporate Affairs Center of Expertise is a dedicated specialty practice whose consultants are former practitioners with a comprehensive understanding of the function and deep connections to “best in class” talent as well as “rising stars” globally. Our practice provides executive search, talent mapping, competency-based assessments, one-on-one coaching, compensation benchmarking, strategic function design and succession planning across four areas:

  • Government affairs

    With legislation, regulations, and governmental oversight on the rise, policymaking contributes to an increasingly complex operating environment. Roles in advocacy, corporate affairs, government relations, legislative affairs, public policy, and public affairs cover critical responsibilities for the strategic effectiveness of your business at home and abroad.

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  • Corporate communications

    Managing the image and the narrative of your organization across all stakeholders is more important than ever in today’s operating environment. Typically a direct report to the CEO, the Chief Communications Officer (CCO), is an indispensable strategist and advisor who advises the C-Suite to drive alignment with clear, impactful and consistent messaging across all audiences, leveraging campaigns and content across all media, digital, social and influencer channels.

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  • Investor relations

    Today’s Investor Relations Officers (IROs) are indispensable advisors to the C-Suite, helping translate and communicate company goals and performance within an increasingly complex investor environment. Top IROs have deep financial acumen, are well versed in the business, and have credible working relationships with the Street.

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  • Corporate social responsibility

    Increasingly, consumers and investors are looking more closely at how companies operate and behave in the marketplace. Whether its through use of natural resources, its position on helping improve communities, or its operating values, companies are being called upon to provide greater transparency in how they operate and the impact they have on the greater society.

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Let us be part of your success story

Contact us to explore how our talent acquisition services can help you achieve your business goals.

How we can help

Our Corporate Affairs practice works as a global team to develop talent strategies and execute highly targeted international talent searches. We‘ve got a long history of conducting more senior-level communications, government affairs, policy relations and political affairs searches than all of our competitors. We also have the best name recognition in the marketplace, which is key to attracting top candidates.

Here are some of the challenges we can help you address:

Finding top talent to drive your results

Companies need skilled communications, public affairs, investor relations and government affairs professionals who anticipate challenges and employ smart, strategic plans to advance the organization’s mission. They must bring a 360 perspective, guiding the strategic narratives that align the business, improve engagement and protect your corporate reputation. But identifying these professionals can be as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. That’s why our international team of search consultants will:

  • Give you access to the industry’s most extensive candidate database
  • Unearth hard-to-reach candidates using our innovative recruitment technologies
  • Identify, screen, and place emerging leaders in both single search and multiple managed search projects

Discovering a better way to hire and upskill your workforce

Today, corporate affairs leaders must display core technical skills, possess business acumen, and be creative problem solvers. And they must have the tolerance, energy, patience and diplomacy to be a steadying hand through disruptive change. Our leading assessment platform will:

  • Show you what “good” looks like by mapping your roles to our Success Profiles, which benchmark the characteristics needed for optimal job performance
  • Ensure a cultural fit by taking into account who candidates are—not just what they can do—by measuring their traits, drivers, and competencies
  • Map and benchmark talent broadly across various industry verticals to identify rising stars

Investing in and nurturing your high-potential talent

Organizations recognize the value of investing in their talent through high-potential programs, but less than a third of companies are confident that they’re building their next generation of leaders. To help you design a program that develops your leaders of tomorrow, our team will:

  • Use assessment data to plan, design, measure and adapt personalized development, then create a training plan tailored to the needs of your high potential candidates
  • Provide a targeted career pathway through tailored development, perspective-broadening assignments, additional responsibilities and senior-level exposure
  • Get buy-in from leaders and executives to build their engagement with and support for the program

Benchmarking your compensation practices against your peers and the market

You have a zillion compensation-related questions: Are you compensating your employees in line with the market? Is your rewards package fair? Should you update your salaries? When should you give employees a bonus? Our consultants will answer these questions plus:

  • Give you deep insights into compensation policy, practice and design, so you can ensure your salary programs are competitive and compliant
  • Discover salary movements and forecasts, salary administration policies, short and long-term incentives and more
  • Ensure your rewards budget is allocated effectively and competitively

Our experts

Our experts are the best at what they do. We work with your team as an honest and inclusive partner to achieve and exceed your business goals, and we have the knowledge, expertise and experience to help you achieve greatness.

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