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Unleashing your potential in the public sector to serve the greater good

Many of the most fundamental elements that shape our day—including education, utilities, infrastructure, social care, policing, transportation and many other services—are provided by entities (such as government agencies and state-owned enterprises) in the public sector. Most of us rarely stop to think about them unless something goes wrong. But the way that public sector agencies deliver these essential services has transformed in recent years. This is due to increased digital transformation, public-private partnerships and challenges such as: shrinking budgets, rising demands from the population, and threats from cybercrime and social disorder.

What hasn’t changed? The need for talented people to serve in the public sector. Delivering services to a varied set of stakeholders in disruptive times requires a highly skilled set of leaders and a talented, dedicated workforce. But the war for skilled labor is intense, especially with a talent crunch on the horizon.

That’s why our public sector consultants support public service organizations to make a deeper, more meaningful impact than ever before. We have deep and longstanding relationships in the public sector and build strategic frameworks that recruit, engage and reward your people. And we provide solutions that help leaders navigate the challenges of the sector and seize opportunities to better serve your constituents and change the lives of others.

What we do

We work across the range of public service systems, bringing together public, not-for-profit and commercial partners to solve the biggest challenges in our society.

Our public service consultants can help you attract, develop and retain best-in-class talent for your organization. Adjusting to constant disruptions requires an agile pipeline of leadership talent prepared to weather the storm. We work with you to assess the full spectrum of your talent-related needs. We help your leaders to be even more effective. And we support culture transformation to improve services at a national and local level.

Where we can help

Your performance and results in the public sector is what matters

We partner with you to continually evolve and optimize to reflect the changing needs of your business. We help our central, local and arms-length government and other public sector clients address challenges like these:

Attracting, hiring and retaining top talent

The public sector has highly specialized hiring needs, which often makes these roles difficult to fill. Whether you’re looking for employees to satisfy need demands, special hiring authority positions or other key roles, you need access to a deep pool of highly experienced talent. 

No one can give you a more complete talent picture than us. Whether you’re looking to hire one person or 100, our consultants have the expertise, market knowledge, tools, and pay and assessment data to find, benchmark and attract the right people for your organization. Our assessments will show you whether your prospective and current talent has the competencies, traits, drivers and experiences to make a difference for your organization and help you hit your goals faster.

Building a leadership pipeline

Your strategy is only as strong as the people executing it. Do your leaders have what it takes? The skills and traits you’ve looked for in your leaders in the past isn’t what they’ll need to lead your public sector organization into the future. Leaders need a new set of competencies that prepares them for a more digital future. They also need a variety of soft skills, as they negotiate with other organizational leaders and public and private stakeholders.

If you want to know whether you’ve got the right people in the right leadership roles in your organization, we can tell you. Our industry-leading assessment data will paint a clear picture of your organization’s performance and potential. Our public sector consultants will do the rest. They can uncover the gaps in your employees current skill sets, advise you who's ready for a role right now and who needs to develop, and create whole-person talent profiles to help you hire or promote the candidates to see your strategy succeed. The leaders who fit our success profiles are 13x more likely to be engaged at work—so you can spot potential today and put your organization in the best position to succeed tomorrow.

Improving diversity, equity and inclusion throughout your organization

If the leadership ranks of your organization don’t reflect the people you serve, it’s a problem that you need to solve. But resolution isn’t as simple as making a few quick hires and calling it a day. To create lasting change, you need to analyze the root cause of your lack of diversity, then apply sustainable strategies to not just address it, but to promote diversity within your workplace.

Our consultants will help you root out stereotypes and biases, both conscious and unconscious, in your processes and people. We can show you how you can improve using our data-driven diagnostics. Then we design learning journeys that teach employees inclusive practices. And, to help you build a more diverse leadership pipeline, we deliver training, coaching and high-impact career advancement programs for underrepresented talent segments. With our help, you can develop a more inclusive culture that unlocks the hidden potential of talent and positions your agency for success.

Let us be part of your success story. Contact us to start implementing talent strategies that serve your people so you can better serve your stakeholders.

Let us be part of your success story

Contact us and see how our industry expertise can help you achieve your business goals.

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