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Tech talent retention, engagement and growth—all on one application

Gaining a competitive advantage with a high-performing tech workforce is a top priority for every organization. But with a shortage of tech talent in the market, employees have options—and tech leaders are struggling to fill critical roles.

Tech leaders who nurture and develop their internal teams experience better employee engagement, less turnover and higher employee productivity.

With Korn Ferry Career for tech professionals, your team can retain, engage and grow tech talent with the specificity and precision required to create a competitive advantage for your organization.

Powered by the precise data and predictive insights of Korn Ferry Intelligence Cloud, you can benchmark your team, identify skill gaps, create career mobility for tech talent and deliver a progressive employee experience where your team and company move together in synergy.

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Retain, Engage, Grow, Repeat

We spoke to 4,000 professionals from 25 industries across the US and UK on 3 ways tech leaders and their organizations can act now to prepare for the future.


What we do

Korn Ferry Career helps tech leaders find, keep and develop their tech talent. Powered by the precise data and predictive insights of the Intelligence Cloud, you can nurture and develop highly skilled tech talent.

  • Identify critical skill gaps

    Compare employee's skills against your company’s needs to understand critical skill gaps that inform targeted learning and development opportunities​.

  • Know what success looks like for each role

    Standardize your roles against Korn Ferry Success Profiles and quickly understand the characteristics required for optimal performance—leveraging AI and machine learning​.

  • Create upskilling and reskilling opportunities and guide employees through personalized learning journeys

    Improve employees’ skills with a simplified experience that puts personalized development at their fingertips, right in their flow of work.

How we help you

Korn Ferry Career employs extensive data science models to highlight journeys from one job to another and help you understand the skill gaps tech employees may face in their chosen career paths. The application also provides learning recommendations tailored to where they are today and where they want to be tomorrow.

Retain tech talent

  • Empower tech talent by driving internal mobility and creating personal learning journeys
  • Boost job satisfaction​ by upskilling and reskilling tech talent directly in their flow of work for an engaging employee experience
  • Boost talent retention by giving tech talent new opportunities for career mobility within your organization before they look elsewhere​
  • Guide employees through personalized development journeys by bringing skills and capability development into the flow of work
  • Access best-in-class training content focused on both soft and technical skills
  • Prioritize tech talent development content based on assessments that cover psychometrics, peer feedback and technical skills proficiency
  • Offer simple, on-demand access to upskilling and reskilling development opportunities, delivered seamlessly in the flow of work through Microsoft Teams
  • Drive continued career growth by recommending learning content that’s tailored to an employee’s aspirations and areas of focus

Discover internal talent

  • Discover hidden talent within your workforce and align those individuals with open opportunities before looking externally​
  • Open up new career paths for your tech talent and enable them to drive their growth with the evolving needs of your organization
  • See which talent is best placed to progress into those roles, and what they need to develop to get there​
  • Know what success looks like for each employee's tech role or career path, plus the internal mobility opportunities that match their specialized skills—all within one integrated platform

Predict career moves

  • Predict career paths for each role to help employees move to the next level​
  • Use extensive data science models to highlight journeys from one to job to another, built into your flow of work on Microsoft Teams​
  • Understand the skill gaps tech employees may face in their chosen career paths, and provide learning recommendations tailored to where they are today and the moves they want to make tomorrow
  • Compare an employee's skills against your company’s needs to understand critical skill gaps that can inform targeted learning and development opportunities

Visualize job architecture

  • Using standardized job titles, Korn Ferry Career will give you a high-level snapshot of your tech organization while providing details about individuals and skillsets
  • Grades and levels are integrated to help guide you through the relationships among your employees and across job roles
  • Instantly spot skill gaps in your current job architecture and take steps to reduce organizational risk with AI-powered insights, grounded in Korn Ferry’s expertise and current market data
  • Create a tech workforce job architecture that captures the relationships between different tech roles in your company​
  • Build career architectures that create and define the relationships between different jobs, capturing how they come together to shape career paths and tech talent development

Benchmark roles against Success Profiles

  • Standardize your roles against core Success Profiles leveraging AI and machine learning
  • Know what success looks like across every part of the planning and development of your technology workforce with unmatched precision and detail—all in one integrated platform
  • Map your company's jobs to Korn Ferry Success Profiles that represent the characteristics, competencies, skills, traits and drivers that matter most for the job
  • Leverage Korn Ferry Success Profiles, augmented with labor market data, to benchmark your roles and understand critical skill requirements
  • Inform your tech talent development strategy with Korn Ferry's expertise and insights on technical roles

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