Korn Ferry Sell

Boost your sales performance by pairing technology with methodology

Accelerate sales performance through Korn Ferry Sell

To continuously move opportunities and win deals in today’s complex selling environment, sales teams and leaders need to take a strategic approach to selling. And that’s not just about methodology — our research tells us that adding analytics to a formal sales process is linked to win rates that are 13% higher than just a formal process on its own.

Korn Ferry Sell combines the world-class sales methodology Strategic Selling® with Perspective with powerful analytics driven technology to drive seller actions and increase their win rate.

Strategic Selling® with Perspective was developed by the world’s leading authority on sales Miller Heiman Group, now part of Korn Ferry. It is designed to help organizations manage complex sales processes involving multiple decision-makers. At its center is the industry’s iconic Blue Sheet, which helps sellers identify their position with customers and determine the next action they should take.

What we do

Korn Ferry Sell is a native application to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics that combines sales methodology and technology to increase sales performance by showing you the actions that drive success.

  • Drive seller actions

    Recommend the seller actions that most improve the odds of winning a deal

  • Change deal outcomes

    Give sales managers visibility into opportunities so they can effectively coach sellers

  • Replicate successful deals

    Show sales leaders why they win or lose, and measure the ROI of the methodology

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How we help you

Korn Ferry Sell combines world-renowned sales methodology with the latest integrated technology from Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics to show you the actions that will drive success. Korn Ferry Sell shows you why your top performers win, and helps you replicate it across your sales force. With Korn Ferry Sell, you’ll:

Gain better visibility into sales activity

  • View all the data around opportunities and their likelihood of success in a context that gives meaning
  • Formulate strategic plans directly in the sales opportunity record using our Strategic Selling® with Perspective methodology
  • Receive prompts on the best actions to take to progress opportunities and increase their likelihood of closing
  • See which opportunities are moving and which are stagnating
  • Monitor the health and progress of your opportunities and deal pipeline in Salesforce

Understand what activity moves the deal

  • Korn Ferry Sell embeds the Blue Sheet from our Strategic Selling® with Perspective methodology to give sellers insight into what moves a deal, and what hinders it. 
  • With the Gold Sheet, the primary tool for large account management from the LAMP® methodology, you can build Strategic Account Plans directly in the account record and make it accessible for your account teams and manager.
  • Powered by our Conceptual Selling® methodology, the Green Sheet enables you to create plans for productive customer interactions. Use these tools to confidently take a data-based approach to moving opportunities and winning deals.

Develop and grow your sales team

  • Deliver real-time online training resources to improve managers’ ability to coach their teams and increase their capability to create opportunities and win deals
  • Study techniques refined over years of sales experience from the world’s leading sales training industry leaders, Miller Heiman Group, now part of Korn Ferry
  • Access just-in-time refresher micro-learning content with over 40 bite-sized learning nuggets, targeted micro-learning to support over 20 recommended actions, and full digital courses in our world-renowned sales methodology