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HR technology that delivers actionable results just as fast as the market changes

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Unlock the power of your best asset — your people

While HR data shows where you are today, the Korn Ferry Intelligence Cloud guides you where you need to go next. 

In today’s competitive talent market, identifying and retaining top talent is essential to your organization’s success. With over five billion data points, our talent analytics and AI data-driven insights help you understand your current workforce, create the right structure, and leverage data to turn strategy into reality.

Empower your people by making talent decisions quicker and more accurately. 

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How we help you

We combine our unrivaled 50 years of consulting expertise driving change with the power of our HR technology to transform organizations further and faster. Real guidance, backed by true change-makers—from the people who wrote the book on talent.

Create a robust and flexible career job architecture, supported by innovative technology

  • Design, evaluate and update career paths to ensure a comprehensive workforce design to deliver business strategy
  • Generate job descriptions 5x faster and job evaluations in almost no time
  • Create order out of chaos with a global framework that supports consistency across the business

Learn what roles are critical for your organization’s future growth & success—and what skills you will need

  • Listen effectively, understand fast and act with impact by identifying potential individual, team and organizational gaps in the employee experience by giving you the tools to close them.
  • Predict whether your organization’s workforce is capable of delivering on its future strategy with talent assessments that illustrate an individual’s current capability and future potential.
  • With Korn Ferry Success Profiles, we help you determine “what good looks like,” providing the skills, behaviors and mindsets needed for any given role. In turn, this helps you understand the difference between the talent you have today, and the talent you’ll need tomorrow to deliver your future strategy

Achieve your business strategy & make informed pay decisions with the world’s most comprehensive pay data

  • Design a practical and cost-effective compensation plan that meets both the needs of your business and your employees.
  • Benchmark your team, identify skill gaps, create career mobility for your talent and deliver a progressive employee experience where your team and company move together in synergy.
  • Discover what incentives motivate your team to perform to their best ability and create a strategy to deliver.

Use AI-powered sales intelligence to make sellers more productive and outperform the competition

  • Receive real-time guidance through seller-specific action steps and in-the-moment training that translates to immediate revenue impact, accelerating deal progression, and increasing win rates--while addressing full pipeline health and growth
  • Amplify smarter selling with AI-powered insights, leveraging data from the individual seller's history, your enterprise's sales metrics and industry metrics
  • Access Miller Heiman’s world-class sales methodology combined with powerful AI technology to drive seller actions and increase win rates.

Success Profiles

Know what success looks like before you start the search.

Success Profiles™ are at the  center of the Korn Ferry Intelligence Cloud. With dynamic benchmarks in hand, you’ll know what characteristics and profiles to look for in candidates that will lead to optimal performance at the organization, team and individual levels.

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